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  1. Participants MUST attend a Segway training session before participating in one of our tours.

  2. Participants MUST wear a safety helmet while operating a Segway. We provide helmets, or you may bring your own.

  3. Participants MUST have the ability to stand for the duration of a tour as well as step up and down off a Segway, similar to climbing stairs, without assistance.

  4. Participants SHOULD be in good physical condition and health with no recent surgeries. Pregnant women are NOT allowed to participate for safety purposes.

  5. Participants, in our opinion, incapable or unable to safely ride a Segway will NOT be allowed to participate as not to endanger themselves or others.

  6. Participants MUST have a Release of Liability waiver submitted online before participating in a Segway tour.

  7. Participants under the age of 18 MUST have a Release of Liability waiver signed by a Parent or Legal Guardian to participate.

  8. Participants under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian.

  9. Participants SHOULD wear appropriate clothing on all Segway tours. No high heels. Sandals are okay. Warm jackets are suggested.

  10. Participants with possession or consumption of any intoxicating beverage or controlled substance will be  PROHIBITED from operating a Segway.

  11. Participants will be PROHIBITED from smoking while operating a Segway.

  12. Participants will be PROHIBITED from Cell phone usage or operating a camera while operating a Segway.

  13. Participants’ inappropriate behavior and/or conduct WILL NOT be tolerated whether from ignorance or malice, and will result in the immediate termination of his/her tour.

  14. Participants exhibiting reckless behavior or endangering patrons and/or spectators WILL result in the immediate cancellation of his/her tour.

  15. Participants SHOULD respect other tour participants and always follow the guide’s instructions and hand signals while participating on a Segway tour.

  16. Participants SHOULD always give pedestrians right-of-way on all Segway tours.



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