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Segway Tour Cancellation and Refund Policy

We do not overbook. To us, a reservation is a promise — we promise that your reservation will be honored. We guarantee your reservation will be available to you on your confirmed tour date and time. We will not sell your tour ticket to anyone else under any circumstances as long as you hold the reservation. For this reason, we may have to turn away guests and potential revenue. Once your reservation has been confirmed, we must enforce the following policies:

NOTIFICATION OF CANCELLATION: All tickets, vouchers, coupons and/or gift certificates sold are non-refundable. Rescheduling requires proper Notification of Cancellation.

Notification of Cancellation: No refunds available. To reschedule a tour your cancellation must be received 72 hours in advance of your scheduled tour date and time. Cancellations made less than 72 hours prior to a scheduled tour will be allowed to purchase another tour ticket at regular price minus the cost of the original purchase price of the voucher or coupon. No shows and late arrivals are non-redeemable. IMPORTANT: Please check your confirmation carefully. If you are not present at the appointed time and place of your scheduled tour confirmation you forfeit your Segway tour ticket(s), voucher(s), coupon(s) and gift certificate(s).

Expiration Dates: Please be aware of expiration dates on purchased voucher(s) and coupon(s). We do not honor expired vouchers or coupons. The original amount paid per voucher or coupon may be applied towards the purchase of a new tour ticket at regular prices. This includes all Groupons, Got Daily Deals, Yelp, Zozi, Living Social, Amazon Local, Segway Santa Cruz Vouchers, and/or Special Coupons.

IMPORTANT - Please check your confirmation carefully. It is YOUR responsibility to be at the designated tour location: 302 Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz, fifteen (15) minutes prior to your scheduled tour date and time for checkin. No rescheduling for no-shows, cancellations received less than 2 hours prior to tour time, or late arrivals. If you are not present at the appointed place and time, as indicated on your confirmation, your reservation is deemed cancelled. Please note, if training is in progress, you are too late for participation.

REFUND POLICY: All tour tickets, vouchers, coupons and/or gift certificates purchased are NON-REFUNDABLE, including CANCELLATIONS, NO SHOWS and LATE ARRIVALS.

Incurred Loses: Segway Santa Cruz cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred whether on account of non-refundable air tickets, hotel accommodations, transportation rentals, extra expenses due to travel delays, or flight cancellation.

Safety Cancellation: Segway Santa Cruz reserves the right to refuse service to one or more participants found to be endangering the safety of themselves, others, or the environment. Said participants will be asked to leave the tour. No vouchers will be given in these situation.

Weather Cancellation: Segway Santa Cruz reserves the right to cancel a scheduled tour up to an hour's notice due to an act of nature such as lightning, thunder, rain or high winds. We make every effort to maintain normal operation. If a tour is cancelled, guests will be issued a voucher to tour at a later date. Out of town guests may request a refund.

Segway Santa Cruz reserves the right to... decline, or accept, any person/persons as participants of any tour, and to substitute carriers or any other qualified leader, or to alter the itinerary of the program at any time, when deemed appropriate or advisable without penalty or liability. Segway Santa Cruz reserves the right to modify, or cancel, a tour one hour prior to departure in which case participants will be allowed to reschedule.


Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. Our success is based on our very favorable relationships. As such we endeavor to follow our cancellation policies carefully, however we will always do our best to accommodate our clients' circumstances. Our policies are written as guideline and shall never take the place of common sense!

Questions or clarifications? Check out our FAQ’s page.



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