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Segway Santa Cruz - Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks - Mall Cop Premiere
Segway Santa Cruz - Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks - Mall Cop Premiere


The Segway is the most efficient "exposure machine" ever invented! Segways can target virtually all demographics, going wherever people gather. Experts say that traditional advertising has become less effective in reaching the consumers, especially the profitable 25-35 year old demographic. Segregated marketing is forcing advertisers to look at new ways of bringing their product and brand to consumers with new creative and innovative solutions. New marketing techniques are a must to keep up with the times and nothing gets noticed like a Segway.



Consider the power of the billboard. Now picture YOUR brand cruising past thousands of motorist and pedestrians on the busiest streets and intersections, attached to the most eye-catching, innovative mode of marketing on the road today... a Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks.

Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks can dramatically increase sales and brand awareness. Segway kiosks are excellent tools for interacting with your target audience, in target locations unreachable by standard forms of transportation. Segway kiosks enable you to blend strong branding, mobile product displays and unique personal interaction to boost traffic and influence your audience’s buying decisions. Take your message on the road and promote your brand, product, service, or event in retail environments, public spaces, and special events.

We can drive your message anywhere, anytime with Segway Santa Cruz's Mobile Marketing Kiosks!

  • Capture attention through fun, friendly and effective branding indoors and out.
  • Grab any target audience’s attention with the presence of a your brand & message.
  • Engage them in a manner that is interesting and dynamic.
  • Attract large crowds, creating immediate results.
  • Interact with the public while providing promotional materials on the move.



Segways are the only mobile vehicles that are legal to operate among pedestrians on sidewalks and enable dialogue and interaction with consumers. The unique maneuverability of the Segway allows navigation through dense crowds easy and people love Segways! They are fascinated by them -- the science behind them, and their ease of use. Instead of averting their gaze people actually engage the eye contact of our Segway goodwill ambassadors and approach us!

Wait no more. See a crowd and join them! Segway Santa Cruz - Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks - ID Flu Campaign

Direct marketing on Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks can reach your potential target market up close and personal. With specially designed Segway Kiosks and our Goodwill Ambassadors wearing shirts, jackets, and/or hats that represent your product, company, service or event in strategically chosen locations can actively engage passersby in conversation as they hand out free samples, discount coupons, informational leaflets and/or promotional materials concerning your event.

As our world becomes more competitive and markets become more fragmented small and large advertisers are searching for new ways of calling consumers to action. With Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks, we are bridging the gap between advertising and interactive consumer promotions with an extremely effective and economical way to generate huge interest.

No matter what the event or venue Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks will get the impact your clients desire.

Do you have a product or event that you want to advertise? Are you promoting a new restaurant or having a Grand Opening? Would you like to expand your business? Do you have a new product line you want to spread the word about? Then why not go green with the innovative Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks? We’ll glide out and about your target audience to promote and market your business, product, service or event!

Contact us today! Segway Santa Cruz Tours is ready to meet your marketing needs and assist you in maximizing your brand in target markets.

"Billboard displays using motion have been determined to be the most effective advertising in both product sales and consumer awareness.”

-The Point of Purchase Institute, Washington, D.C.


"Scrolling billboard displays are the most effective form available boosting product and name recognition fifteen times greater than anything else available!.”

-The European Outdoor Advertising Association, Zurich, Switzerland


"Static billboards resulted in an increase of sales of 54%, but motion billboards resulted in an increase of sales of 107%!”

- Product Acceptance and Research, Inc. Washington, D.C.


"Mobile billboards are VIEWED by 95% that drive by and READ by 85% of them - almost 2 times more attention than static billboards."

- Outdoor Advertising Association
of America




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