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Bank of America Takes Manhattan

  • To launch a new trading service, Bank of America storms New York for a day, interacting face to face with more than 500,000 people generating nearly 180 media mentions. A platoon of Bank of America Corporation branded Segway’s wheeled through Manhattan.

CFA Wows Parade Crowd Before Reds' First Pitch

  • Chick-fil-A Restaurants teamed up to participate in the annual Cincinnati Reds' Opening Day Parade on the streets of downtown Cincinnati March 31. Kids went crazy as the Cows went by. They got to shake hands, get hugs, and have pictures taken as our cows scooted by on Segways!

Why You Might Have Seen All That Beef Somewhere Other Than The Meatpacking District

  • Did you happen upon a herd of cows around NYC yesterday? Or a group of Segway riders? It was all part of a marketing campaign for Fringe, the new Fox sci-fi drama from J.J. Abrams that took over NYC yesterday, the same day the show was announced.


Shell Promoting V-Power® Nationwide

  • Shell Oil Products US, marketer of the No. 1 selling brand of gasoline in America, recently announced a $25-million national advertising and communications campaign. Shell V-Power customized Segways to help put a human face on the Shell brand.




  • Microsoft used 5 Segways equipped with flat board signs to draw attention and traffic to their booth at the recent Consumer Electronics Tradeshow in Las Vegas, one of the largest tradeshows in the world. The MSN teams were dressed in yellow jumpsuits and worked the crowds handing out a total of over 20,000 MSN flashing buttons and brochures each day.  The MSN booth received more visitiors than in any previous year.

Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill

  • Fast food chain uses Segways, the personal transporter at the heart of a guerilla marketing campaign from Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill. The 150 outlet chain has street teams of Segways appearing in sports and music events in Southern California, where Rubio’s is based. The quirky tactics appear to be paying off: according to Nation’s Restaurant News, Rubio’s is investing in another guerilla campaign for the fall season.

Medical Design & Manufacturing West Tradeshow

  • For the 3rd consecutive year in a row, the MD & M West Tradeshow in Anaheim chose to utilize Segways. Employing a team of eight branded Segway units they encourage attendees to visit the additional exhibit hall on the lower level. The hallmark of this promotion is the use of Segways indoors within the convention hall as opposed to operating outside around the venue. All Segways canvassed the convention center floor and engaged the attendees. The campaign directed such high volume of people to the lower level exhibition hall and maintained the attendance numbers for all 3 days that the tradeshow has already indicated they will continue this promotion for the 4th consecutive year.

Shaw Communication Company

  • Shaw, Canada’s leading communications company hired donned white outfits and white makeup to emulate the characters in Shaw’s “People Power” television commercial campaign. Moving around silently on their Segways promoted the Shaw brand and interacted with the public throughout the entire event, and attracted press coverage.







Tropical Fruit Drinks
We used Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks for the first time to launch a new fruit drink. We were very pleased with the volume of samples distributed and the ease in which the Segways manuvered through the large crowds visiting the park. The four Segway Kiosks created excitement and interest allowing our product to reach more people. We will most certainly continue to use Segway Kiosks for future campaigns, especially in high-volume foot traffic areas we have had difficulty reaching in past campaigns.

- Grupo Communications

Simans Department Store
We find the uniqueness of Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks helped draw attention to our advertising message. The approachability of the Segway makes interaction between the public and our company representatives easy. We have had such a positive response using Segway Kiosks that we have used them for our last two campaigns.

- Avanti Advertising Agency

Mall Cop Movie Premiere
As a Sony representative in charge of pre-publicity for new movie premieres, the Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks were the perfect publicity tool for opening weekend of Paul Blart: Mall Cop. We rented 9 kiosks for three of our Mall theater locations to create excitment and introduce the Segway to the public thereby hightening their movie experience.

- Discine Distribution

Tio Palo
We first became familiar with the Segway Personal Transporter while attending a conference at the University on “green products.” We were excited by the eco friendly all electric scooter. Visiting their booth we learned about their Segway Mobile Marketing division and decided to use them for a special conference on sustainable issues and world travel that we were hosting. The silent, zero emission Segway glided around our conference leaving only a positive environmental footprint behind.

Kolbi Blue Tooth Service
We were overwhelmingly satisfied with our experience of using the Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks for our Blue Tooth promotion. The up close nature of the Segway made it possible for our sales staff to have direct personal connections with our potential clients ensuring that each consumer experience of our product was one of satisfaction by providing exceptional customer service and yielding the maximum return for our marketing dollars.

Sanofi Pastuer ID Flu
With the flu season coming we felt the need to inform the public of the Sanofi Pastuer ID Flu vaccination in as many media as possible. We decided to try the Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosk and we were pleasantly surprised. Of all the different resources we used the Segway kiosk was one of the most efficient and effective. The Segway kiosks allowed us to move among shoppers in the local Malls as well as local parks and other public venues with ease and great results.

iCard Printing Services
Using the Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks was a little different for us as we are a printing company. Usually we are at the other end of the spectrum. We furnish the print work for our client’s campaigns so it was kind of fun at this years PRINTING EXPO to glide among the hundreds of expo booths handing out our brochures.  

Hotel Manuel Antonio
Our hotel is right in the middle of a very busy seaside village. The village is full of tourist, venders, and locals walking in every direction. We tried the Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosk for a weekend promotion of the hotel and found it perfect for our type of environment. The eco friendly Segway turns on a dime, drives slower than people walk, is all electric, zero emissions, and because it is all electric it is almost totally silent... so it didn’t pollute our village or disturb the tourist. We love it and highly recommend using a Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosk for your next promotion if you want to add something new and different to your next campaign.

Institute of Coast Rica Tourism Ministry
The Festival of Lights Parade is a national treasure for our country every Christmas. It is also the most attended event in all of Costa Rica with thousands attending. Having six Segway ambassadors in the parade that represented the tourism ministry was different and celebratory. The Segway ambassadors visited with the crowds up and down the parade route, handing out candies to the kids and commemorate the holiday. 

Dos Pinos (Dole Pineapple)
A real crowd pleaser in more ways than one. First the Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks can go as slow as a mile an hour so it is easy to move through the crowds with ease and safety. Even better the Segway makes you eight inches taller than the crowd making it easy to see and to be seen. We used the Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosk for our Christmas promotions in our three Malls. We broke records! Never before had we given so many samples away all the while having the time of our lives.

Banco National
Banco National planned a National campaign to introduce their new logo to the country. We requested the services of several different agencies to help with the coverage. One of our most successful venues was the Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks. People love them. Usually our goodwill ambassadors is trying to get a potential client to stand still long enough to give their presentation which requires at lot of skill. With the Segway Mobile Marketing Kiosks we found we didn’t have to chase the crowds... they came to us. The Segways made what is usually a tedious job into a day of fun and sharing.

Canada Day
The appearance of the Segways at our event turned what usually was a sit down and eat-until-you-bust... into a day of fun, games and laughter. I heard about the “Segway Smile” now I know what they mean. When riding a Segway it is hard to wipe the smile off your face. Talk about turning heads... riding a Segway makes you feel like a VIP!


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