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Segway Santa Cruz Tours now has a hotdog stand AND you are being invited to participate in their First Annual Segway DogHouse Amateur Hotdog Eating Contest to be held at 302 Pacific Ave in Santa Cruz, November 11th at 3PM to 6PM with FREE Segway demos. Come enjoy the contest and check off riding a Segway from your bucket list.

If you love hotdogs and want to be the first Amateur to win and hold the title for Most Hotdogs Eaten at Segway Santa Cruz Tours' First Annual Segway DogHouse Hotdog Eating Contest along with two (2) West Cliff & Wharf Segway Tour Gift Certificates (a $178 value) then you need to register now.

To participate, download and complete the Registration Form and Waiver (346kb) below. Mail to: Segway Santa Cruz, 302 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 or email:

All entries must be received no later than November 1st to be eligible. The first fifteen (15) amateur applications accepted will receive an email notification from Segway Santa Cruz Tours.

Applicants must be 18 years of age to participate. If accepted, participants will have a $10 entry fee due at checkin. Please be prepared to present a photo ID or valid driver’s license for participation.



Contestant must be present at Segway Santa Cruz Tours no later than 2:30PM on November 11th to participate.

Participation is LIMITED to first fifteen (15) accepted amateur entries.

Contestants MUST be over the age of 18 with proper ID.

Contestants MUST be registered, have a signed waiver and pay a $10 entry fee for participation.

Contestants MUST be checked in no later than 2:30PM on NOVEMBER 11TH at Segway Santa Cruz Tours.

Competition rounds are held in five (5) minute intervals in which Contestants consume as many hotdogs (wieners and buns) as possible. Last Contestant will be eliminated from each round until a winner is announced.

Each Contestant begins the competition with ten (10) hotdogs and two (2) glasses of water. Additional hotdogs will be given to contestants before the consumption of their last hotdog throughout the competition.

Contestants MUST wait for a starting signal to begin eating. Any Contestant touching any hotdog prior to the starting signal will be disqualified.

Contestants MUST eat and swallow entire hotdog before picking up their next hotdog.

Contestants WILL be disqualified for putting additional hotdogs or portions of hotdogs in their mouth after the ending signal.

Contestants MUST stop eating promptly after the ending signal, placing their hands down on the table or at their sides for judging, and may be requested to open their mouth for visual proof of completion.

The Contestant finishing the most hotdogs within the allotted time of all combined rounds will determine the Winner.

In the event of a tie, a two (2) minute “eat-off” will determine the winner.

Contestants who feel the need to discharge their previously consumed hotdogs will be disqualified.

Any contestant caught breaking any of the above rules or restrictions will be disqualified.

Judges will be on hand to assure adherence to contest rules, tally the number of hotdogs eaten, monitor the Grounds for Disqualification, and award prizes. The judges will determine the winner of the contest not the participants & the judges’ decision will be final.


  • Any health risks that could jeopardize the contestant’s health or wellbeing
  • Starting prior to start signal
  • Continuing to eat after the ending signal
  • Failure to completely eat a hot dog before beginning to eat another hot dog
  • Throwing up or regurgitating

CONTEST PRIZE: (2) Segway Santa Cruz Tours Gift Certificates will be awarded at the end of the contest AND title FIRST AMATEUR SEGWAY DOGHOUSE HOTDOG EATING CONTEST WINNER!!!!!!




Segway Santa Cruz Tours, 302 Pacific Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 • (831) 466-0206

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